The Hollows

1Dead Witch Walking
2The Good, the Bad, and the Undead
2.5Undead in the Garden of Good and Evilnovella in “Dates from Hell”
3Every Which Way but Dead
4A Fistful of Charms
4.5Dirty Magicshort in “Hotter than Hell”
5For a Few Demons More
5.2The Bridges of Eden Parkshort at the end of “For a Few Demons More”
5.3Two Ghosts for Sister Rachelnovella in “Holidays are Hell”
6The Outlaw Demon Wailsaka “Where Demons Dare” in the UK
6.5The Bespelledshort at the end of “The Outlaw Demon Wails”
7White Witch, Black Curse
7.5Ley Line Drifternovella in “Unbound”
8Black Magic Sanction
9Pale Demon
9.2Blood Workgraphic novel short
9.5Hollows InsiderIllustrated coffee table world book
10A Perfect Blood
10.5Into the WoodsHollows short & novella compilation
10.7Blood Crimegraphic novel short, follows “Blood Work”
11Ever After
11.5Trouble on the Reserveshort at the end of “Ever After”
12The Undead Pool
13The Witch with No Name
14American Demon
15Million Dollar Demon
16Troubled with the Cursed (2022)
17The Turn