OWLs Challenge 2022

Ancient Runes

1. Ancient Runes: in translation
2. Deathly Hallows: that has a symbol on the cover
3. Beedle the Bard: a fairytale retelling
4. Mistranslation: whose title is translated differently
5. Parseltongue: contains a fictional language


6. Arithmancy: with a number on the cover or in the title
7. Golden Trio: that’s part of a series
8. Hoggy Warty Hogworts: that involves music
9. Magical Numbers: that relates to a magical number
10. Mad Eye Moody: with multiple POVs


11. Astronomy: set in outer space
12. Star Gazing: with a star on the cover or in the title
13. Star Struck: about a celebrity
14. Sirius Black: includes a character with a celestial name
15. Telescope: spotted on social media

Care of Magical Creatures

16. CoMC: includes a magical creature
17. Niffler: with a shiny cover
18. Fantastic Beasts: with an animal on the cover
19. Unicorn: your most anticipated book of the year
20. Monster Book of Monsters: scary looking


21. Charms: by a favorite author
22. Cheering Charm: funny or happy
23. Flitwick: short book or book of short stories
24. Wingardium Leviosa: that contains a feather
25. Time Turner: dual timelines

Defense Against the Dark Arts

26. DADA: featuring good vs. evil
27. Dark Arts: featuring dark magic
28. Death Eaters: with a dark cover
29. Magical Me: with an incompetent character
30. Remus Lupin: with a paranormal element


31. Divination: set in the future
32. Trelawny: featuring a prophecy
33. Star Chart: related to your zodiac sign
34. Unfogging the Future: mystery or thriller
35. The Grim: contains a death


36. Herbology: with a plant on the cover or in the title
37. Pomona Sprout: with a character with an herbology related name
38. Greenhouse: with a green cover
39. Mandrake: that made you cry
40. Nevelle Longbottom: with an underdog character

History of Magic

41. HoM: that mentions a historical witch or wizard
42. Harry Potter: that mentions Harry Potter
43. Hogwarts, A History: historical fiction
44. Helena Ravenclaw: novella or prequel
45. Cuthbert Binns: one you delayed reading

Muggle Studies

46. Muggle Studies: own voices
47. Flying Car: related to S.T.E.A.M.
48. Hogwarts: set in a school
49. Daily Prophet: nonfiction
50. Rubber Duck: with a yellow cover


51. Potions: that includes poison
52. Amortentia: that includes a romance
53. Severus Snape: with a page 394
54. No Foolish Wand Waving: without magic
Liquid Luck: random choice


56. Transfiguration: a book to screen adaptation
57. Animagus: includes a shapeshifter
58. Switching Spell: whose cover and dust jacket are different colors
59. Minerva McGonagall: with a strong female character
60. Vanishment Spell: a bestseller