Nerdy Bookworm 2022

1. 2022 new release
2. Reese Witherspoon BOTM pick
3. Enemies to lovers
4. A memoir
5. Based on a TV show or movie adaptation
6. Recommended to you
7. A thriller
8. With two or more authors
9. A graphic novel
10. That everyone is talking about
11. That has been on your TBR for a long time
12. Goodreads 2021 winner or nominee
13. With less than 200 pages
14. An audiobook
15. New to you author
16. 2022 bestseller
17. That makes you think and contemplate life
18. A highly anticipated read
19. A summer vibe/ summer read
20. A library book
21. Where the cover caught your eye
22. By an auto-buy author of yours
23. A physical book on your shelf
24. NYT nonfiction bestseller
25. A holiday romance
26. That gives you fall or creepy vibes
27. An office romance
28. A YA
29. With a summer romance
30. Friends to lovers
31. That has paranormal elements
32. With the color pink on the cover
33. That has a cover you love
34. An epistolary
35. That has mental health aspects
36. That has a (real or fictional) place in the title
37. A coming of age where the characters are in school
38. With dual timelines
39. About family
40. Romance with a single parent
41. Bought from a bookstore
42. A contemporary novel
43. A YA
44. A funny book
45. With an animal in it
46. That you meant to read last year but didn’t
47. With a winter scene on the cover
48. A classic
49. Any book from a series
50. Free space