Disney Villain Challenge 2022

1. Cruella: About fashionThe Prince and the Dressmaker – Jen Wang
2. Gaston: With an arrogant characterBlood Bound – Patricia Briggs
3. Ursula: Where a contract is signedBone Crossed – Patricia Briggs
4. Scar: Where a character has a facial disfigurementSilver Borne – Patricia Briggs
5. Maleficent: Where someone is left out of a big eventDeadline – Mira Grant
6. Jafar: Where a character has a pet birdA Bone to Pick – Melinda Leigh
7. Dr. Facilier: With a character who tricks peopleNight Broken – Patricia Briggs
8. Queen of Hearts: With an irrational or psychotic characterOne Salt Sea – Seanan McGuire
9. Yzma: Where someone is fired from their jobFeed – Mira Grant
10. Shang Yu: With a warlord or crime bossKnown – Kendra Elliot