Disney Reading Challenge 2022

Film 1: Beauty and the Beast

1. Tale as Old as Time: set in different time periods
2. Beauty and the Beast: enemies to lovers
3. Gaston: 400+ pages
4. Enchanted Rose: with flowers on the cover
5. Be Our Guest: with food/drink on the cover

Film 2: Pocahontas

6. Colors of the Wind: with a colorful cover
7. Grandmother Willow: with an elderly character
8. Meeko & Flit: with an animal on the cover or in the title
9. Just Around the Riverbend: with a nature related word in the title
10. Mine, Mine, Mine: bought or received in 2022

Film 3: The Little Mermaid

11. Kiss the Girl: a romance
12. Under the Sea: with an underwater scene on the cover
13. Poor Unfortunate Souls: with an unlucky main character
14. Ariel: featuring mermaids or sirens
15. King Triton’s Trident: part of a trilogy

Film 4: Toy Story

16. To Infinity and Beyond: set in a different world
17. You’ve Got a Friend in Me: about friendship
18. “I don’t believe this man has ever been to medical school”: a medical memoir
19. Rex: a scary book, preferably featuring a dinosaur
20. “There seems to be no sign of intelligent life”: nonfiction

Film 5: The Parent Trap

21. Seeing Double: featuring twins
22. London: set in London
23. “I’ve just missed you so much”: featuring a reunion
24. “in your honor, a royal flush”: featuring royalty
25. “Got on my very first 747”: where a character(s) take a flight


26. A Disney / fairytale retelling