Medical Examiner 2022


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#AuthorTitleSeriesAsphDrownFireHitPoisShotStabOtherToe Tags
1Karin SlaughterBlindsidedGrant County11114
2Karin SlaughterA Faint Cold FearGrant County121217
3Karin SlaughterFaithlessGrant County1214
4Karin SlaughterIndelibleGrant County1719
5Karin SlaughterKisscutGrant County1112
6Karin SlaughterLike a CharmGrant County3313111
#AuthorTitleSeriesAsphDrownFireHitPoisShotStabOtherToe Tags
#AuthorTitleSeriesAsphDrownFireHitPoisShotStabOtherToe Tags
#AuthorTitleSeriesAsphDrownFireHitPoisShotStabOtherToe Tags
#AuthorTitleSeriesAsphDrownFireHitPoisShotStabOtherToe Tags

Asph – asphyxiation, hanging, strangling, air deprivation, etc.
Drown – drowning
Fall – from height, or pushed
Fire – fire, bomb, or explosion
Hit – by fists, object, or vehicle
Pois – poison, poison gas, venom, carbon monoxide, etc.
Shot – by gun, arrow, other projectile
Stab – by knife, other sharp object
Other – natural causes, electrocution, crushing, etc.

OWLs Challenge 2022

Ancient Runes

1. Ancient Runes: in translation
2. Deathly Hallows: that has a symbol on the cover
3. Beedle the Bard: a fairytale retelling
4. Mistranslation: whose title is translated differently
5. Parseltongue: contains a fictional language


6. Arithmancy: with a number on the cover or in the title
7. Golden Trio: that’s part of a series
8. Hoggy Warty Hogworts: that involves music
9. Magical Numbers: that relates to a magical number
10. Mad Eye Moody: with multiple POVs


11. Astronomy: set in outer space
12. Star Gazing: with a star on the cover or in the title
13. Star Struck: about a celebrity
14. Sirius Black: includes a character with a celestial name
15. Telescope: spotted on social media

Care of Magical Creatures

16. CoMC: includes a magical creature
17. Niffler: with a shiny cover
18. Fantastic Beasts: with an animal on the cover
19. Unicorn: your most anticipated book of the year
20. Monster Book of Monsters: scary looking


21. Charms: by a favorite author
22. Cheering Charm: funny or happy
23. Flitwick: short book or book of short stories
24. Wingardium Leviosa: that contains a feather
25. Time Turner: dual timelines

Defense Against the Dark Arts

26. DADA: featuring good vs. evil
27. Dark Arts: featuring dark magic
28. Death Eaters: with a dark cover
29. Magical Me: with an incompetent character
30. Remus Lupin: with a paranormal element


31. Divination: set in the future
32. Trelawny: featuring a prophecy
33. Star Chart: related to your zodiac sign
34. Unfogging the Future: mystery or thriller
35. The Grim: contains a death


36. Herbology: with a plant on the cover or in the title
37. Pomona Sprout: with a character with an herbology related name
38. Greenhouse: with a green cover
39. Mandrake: that made you cry
40. Nevelle Longbottom: with an underdog character

History of Magic

41. HoM: that mentions a historical witch or wizard
42. Harry Potter: that mentions Harry Potter
43. Hogwarts, A History: historical fiction
44. Helena Ravenclaw: novella or prequel
45. Cuthbert Binns: one you delayed reading

Muggle Studies

46. Muggle Studies: own voices
47. Flying Car: related to S.T.E.A.M.
48. Hogwarts: set in a school
49. Daily Prophet: nonfiction
50. Rubber Duck: with a yellow cover


51. Potions: that includes poison
52. Amortentia: that includes a romance
53. Severus Snape: with a page 394
54. No Foolish Wand Waving: without magic
Liquid Luck: random choice


56. Transfiguration: a book to screen adaptation
57. Animagus: includes a shapeshifter
58. Switching Spell: whose cover and dust jacket are different colors
59. Minerva McGonagall: with a strong female character
60. Vanishment Spell: a bestseller

Nerdy Bookworm 2022

1. 2022 new release
2. Reese Witherspoon BOTM pick
3. Enemies to lovers
4. A memoir
5. Based on a TV show or movie adaptation
6. Recommended to you
7. A thriller
8. With two or more authors
9. A graphic novel
10. That everyone is talking about
11. That has been on your TBR for a long time
12. Goodreads 2021 winner or nominee
13. With less than 200 pages
14. An audiobook
15. New to you author
16. 2022 bestseller
17. That makes you think and contemplate life
18. A highly anticipated read
19. A summer vibe/ summer read
20. A library book
21. Where the cover caught your eye
22. By an auto-buy author of yours
23. A physical book on your shelf
24. NYT nonfiction bestseller
25. A holiday romance
26. That gives you fall or creepy vibes
27. An office romance
28. A YA
29. With a summer romance
30. Friends to lovers
31. That has paranormal elements
32. With the color pink on the cover
33. That has a cover you love
34. An epistolary
35. That has mental health aspects
36. That has a (real or fictional) place in the title
37. A coming of age where the characters are in school
38. With dual timelines
39. About family
40. Romance with a single parent
41. Bought from a bookstore
42. A contemporary novel
43. A YA
44. A funny book
45. With an animal in it
46. That you meant to read last year but didn’t
47. With a winter scene on the cover
48. A classic
49. Any book from a series
50. Free space

Monthly Keyword 2022

Synonyms and different suffixes are allowed. For example, the keyword ‘lake’ can be met with lakes, water, sea, or ocean. Prompts can be completed in any order.

1. January
Last, Kingdom, Girl, Dark, When, Winter, Light, Window
2. February
Midnight, Never, Into, Sun, Love, Good, Spell, Search
3. March
End, Fall, Loud, Queen, Woods, Nine, Beautiful, Crown
4. April
Race, Now, Chose, While, Stop, Burn, Red, One
5. May
Thorn, Catch, Black, Under, City, Cloud, Sing, Legacy
6. June
Sea, You, Hate, Perfect, Shade, Until, Beach, Little
7. July
Star, Next, Infinity, Iron, Word, People, Rise, Clear
8. August
Breath, Case, Hundred, Day, Happy, Language, Stay, Lie
9. September
Bright, Here, Out, Life, Strange, Rule, Story, Salt
10. October
House, Bone, Haunt, Body, Blood, Witch, Murder, Mystery
11. November
Many, Boy, River, Fever, Down, Gold, Jade, Hill
12. December
Still, Cabin, Cafe, Night, Lake, By, Holiday, Fire

Disney Reading Challenge 2022

Film 1: Beauty and the Beast

1. Tale as Old as Time: set in different time periods
2. Beauty and the Beast: enemies to lovers
3. Gaston: 400+ pages
4. Enchanted Rose: with flowers on the cover
5. Be Our Guest: with food/drink on the cover

Film 2: Pocahontas

6. Colors of the Wind: with a colorful cover
7. Grandmother Willow: with an elderly character
8. Meeko & Flit: with an animal on the cover or in the title
9. Just Around the Riverbend: with a nature related word in the title
10. Mine, Mine, Mine: bought or received in 2022

Film 3: The Little Mermaid

11. Kiss the Girl: a romance
12. Under the Sea: with an underwater scene on the cover
13. Poor Unfortunate Souls: with an unlucky main character
14. Ariel: featuring mermaids or sirens
15. King Triton’s Trident: part of a trilogy

Film 4: Toy Story

16. To Infinity and Beyond: set in a different world
17. You’ve Got a Friend in Me: about friendship
18. “I don’t believe this man has ever been to medical school”: a medical memoir
19. Rex: a scary book, preferably featuring a dinosaur
20. “There seems to be no sign of intelligent life”: nonfiction

Film 5: The Parent Trap

21. Seeing Double: featuring twins
22. London: set in London
23. “I’ve just missed you so much”: featuring a reunion
24. “in your honor, a royal flush”: featuring royalty
25. “Got on my very first 747”: where a character(s) take a flight


26. A Disney / fairytale retelling

Disney Princess Challenge 2022

1. Belle – with an ugly cover
2. Mulan – with Asian representation
3. Aurora – without much hype (slept on)
4. Ariel – to do with the ocean
5. Jasmine – set in the Middle East
6. Pocahontas – by an indigenous author
7. Snow White – a classic
8. Moana – with a journey or quest
9. Merida – set in Scotland
10. Elsa – set in winter
11. Cinderella – with royalty
12. Tiana – food plays a significant role
13. Rapunzel – where the main character is trapped

Craving for Cozies 2022

1. Culinary (food, restaurants, baked goods, etc.)
2. Animal related
3. Craft (knitting, crocheting, etc.)
4. Paranormal
5. Foreign based (not set in the country you live in)
6. Career based
7. Holidays
8. Travel
9. Historical
10. Free choice

Color Code 2022

The color (or a shade of the color) can be named in the title, or be a dominant color on the cover.

1. Blue
2. Red
3. Yellow
4. Green
5. Brown
6. Black
7. White
8. Any other color
9. Implied color (rainbow, plaid, ink, shadow,etc.)

Booklist Queen 2022

1. By an author you love
2. A Goodreads winner in 2021
3. Becoming a movie in 2022
4. With a twist
5. Speculative fiction
6. With a bird on the cover
7. About a difficult choice
8. Published in 2012
9. With a name in the title
10. By a local author
11. Discussion-worthy book club book
12. 2021 bestseller
13. Genre you don’t usually read
14. Shakespearean play
15. With a 2-word title
16. About a Muslim protagonist
17. Set in the 1980s
18. Asian American or Pacific Islander author
19. From the bottom of your TBR list
20. Literary fiction
21. Recommended on Bookstagram
22. LGBTQ+ book
23. Everyone is talking about
24. Pulitzer Prize winner
25. With a blue cover
26. Author who shares your initials
27. Epic adventure
28. A guilty pleasure
29. An audiobook
30. With a catchy title
31. About nature
32. Two books by the same author (1)
33. Two books by the same author (2)
34. YA fantasy
35. Purchased at a bookstore
36. Family drama
37. A classic you’ve avoided
38. Set in Africa
39. Recommended by a librarian
40. By a British author
41. Reread a favorite
42. Under 300 pages
43. A spooky read
44. A nonfiction bestseller
45. A book about life
46. A Reese Witherspoon book club pick
47. That makes you laugh
48. A historical novel
49. A 2022 new release
50. An inspiring memoir
51. A cozy mystery
52. That you own but haven’t read

Beat the Backlist 2022

1. Two or more people on the cover
2. Six or more words in the title
3. About books
4. In a genre you never/rarely read
5. Set in the season you read it in
6. About food or food in the title
7. About or inspired by a historical event
8. An unusual or unexpected pet
9. Author has first, middle, and last name on cover
10. Author has an active podcast or YouTube channel
11. About siblings
12. Featuring time travel
13. With chapter names
14. Written for an age group you don’t belong to
15. A classic novel
16. Co-authored
17. A debut
18. Discovered via social media
19. Everyone has read it but you
20. Features royalty
21. Finish a series
22. First in a series you’ve been putting off
23. Forgotten on your shelf or e-reader
24. Graphic novel, manga, or web comic
25. Indie or self-published
26. Involves family secrets
27. Longer than 500 pages
28. Murder, mystery, or both
29. Mushroom on the cover
30. New to you author
31. Nonfiction
32. Novella
33. A number in the title
34. One word title
35. Picked by a celebrity book club
36. Poetry or anthology
37. Protagonist has a profession that twists the truth
38. Published in the month you were born
39. Read for research, reference, or general interest
40. A second or fourth book in a series
41. Set in space or in the ocean
42. Set in the mountains
43. Set on an island
44. Set around a real or fictional holiday
45. Superheros/villains or character in disguise
46. Title is an alliteration
47. Translated into your native language
48. ‘Wolf’ or ‘star’ in the title
49. Women in the sciences (real or fictional)
50. You watched the show or movie first
51. Your favorite animal (real or fictional) on the cover
52. Your favorite trope on the page