Six Shooter 2022


Notches/ Shotsx6= TCP+ Bonus= Score

Badge = Sharpshooter


Mira Grant
2021 Into the Drowning Deep Drowning Deep
2021 San Diego 2014: The Last Stand of the California Browncoats Newsflesh
JD Robb
2021 Shadows in Death (51) In Death
2021 Faithless in Death (52) In Death
Karen Rose
2021 Say No More Sacramento
2021 Say Goodbye Sacramento
Notch 1BooksSeries
Karin Slaughter
2022 BlindsidedGrant County
2022 Kisscut Grant County
2022A Faint Cold FearGrant County
2022IndelibleGrant County
2022FaithlessGrant County
2022Like a Charm

Ladies First 2022

All authors must be women.

1. That won an award
2. Action / adventure
3. SciFi, horror, or speculative fiction
4. History or historical fiction
5. Memoir or biography
6. By an indigenous woman
7. Mystery, suspense, or thriller
8. Magical realism or fantasy
9. Women’s or romantic fiction
10. Young adult
11. By a trans or other LGBTQ woman
12. A debut
13. Currently on the bestseller list
14. An audiobook narrated by a woman
15. Recommended to you by a woman
16. By an author from a different country
17. With women on the cover
18. Literary or contemporary fiction
19. The first book of a series
20. An anthology