Bad Bitch’s Reading Challenge 2022

1. With an animal as the main character
2. With Death personified
3. A mythological retelling
4. With a food in the title
5. With a retro-futuristic setting
6. With a noir atmosphere
7. Featuring childbirth
8. Set during the industrial revolution
9. About a goblin or other “unsavory” creature
10. With a medical setting
11. Whose title follows the A/The ___ of ___ and ___ format
12. With stars on the cover
13. About loneliness
14. An alternative history
15. By an Asian author
16. A collection of poems or short stories
17. About a cult
18. About a curse
19. With a number in the title
20. That is part of a series
21. Hugo-award winning
22. With a cover that is mainly your favorite color
23. A classic murder mystery
24. One you’ve already read
25. With the word ‘book’ in the title
26. In translation
27. About Vikings or pirates
28. Featuring your favorite mythical creature
29. Set in multiple seasons
30. About found family
31. Set during a holiday
32. That takes place in a single room or building
33. About isolation
34. With sapphic characters
35. Where text is the main design element on the cover
36. A new debut
37. With an alliterative title
38. With a body part on the cover
39. A SciFi that is not set in space
40. With a 1-word title
41. One you read in your childhood
42. One you were supposed to read in school but didn’t
43. That has been adapted into a movie, TV show, or game
44. That has been adapted into a movie, TV show, or game
45. Chosen randomly from your TBR pile by someone else
46. Narrated in the second person
47. In a genre you don’t typically read
48. By an author that shares your first name
49. A somber book with a cheery title or vice versa
50. A banned or censored book
51. Free space
52. Free space