Alphabet Soup 2022

AAngel Town – Lilith Saintcrow
BBlindsighted – Karin Slaughter
CCruel and Unusual – Patricia Cornwell
DDeadline – Mira Grant
EEeny Meeny – MJ Arlidge
FFaithless – Karin Slaughter
Gthe Girl Who Disappeared Twice – Andrea Kane
HHunter’s Prayer – Lilith Saintcrow
IIron Kissed – Patricia Briggs
JJuice Like Wounds – Seanan McGuire
KKisscut – Karin Slaughter
La Local Habitation – Seanan McGuire
MMoon Called – Patricia Briggs
NNight Broken – Patricia Briggs
OOnce Broken Faith – Seanan McGuire
PPostmortem – Patricia Cornwall
Q*Queer Gaymes – KN Grainger & Jacquline Bryle
RRiver Marked – Patricia Briggs
SSilver Borne – Patricia Briggs
TTruth or Dare – MJ Arlidge
Uthe Unkindest Tide – Seanan McGuire
VVeiled – Kendra Elliot
WWhisky Sour – JA Knorath
X*Xoe: Vampires & Werewolves & Demons, Oh My – Sara C Roethle
YYou Can’t Touch My Hair – Phoebe Robinson
Z*the Zoologist’s Guide to the Galaxy – Arik Kershenbaum